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What is a Cash Bond?

What is a Cash Bond?

Cash bonds, what are they?

A cash bond, or cash only bail bond, is one of the 5 different types of bonds that an Arizona court may issue.  A cash bond is just as it sounds; only cash would be accepted for the bond.  The Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure defines a cash bond as “a secured appearance bond consisting of actual cash deposited by the defendant or someone acting on the defendant’s behalf.”  Cash bonds act as a financial guarantee that the defendant appears for each hearing.  Once the case has been adjudicated, the bond is returned to the poster.  If the defendant fails to appear for each of their hearings, or fails to abide by their conditions of release, the bond may be forfeited.

The court assigns cash bail bonds for a variety of reasons, including: failure to pay fines, failure to appear for a hearing, for unpaid child support, or because the charges are particularly severe and the defendant is considered a flight risk.  Most cash bonds can get converted to a Surety bond, with the help of an attorney.  As with any bond, as long as the defendant attends all of their hearings and abides by their conditions of release, the bond would be returned to the poster.  Exceptions to a total refund would be on cases that involve unpaid Child Support, Failures to Pay a fine, or if the defendant failed to appear for his hearings and the bond got forfeited.  Payment of a cash bond can be made at either the court, the jail, or through Phoenix Bail Bonds.  Call us at 602-267-9057.

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