Bail Out Now!


Stay at home, Use a Credit Card

Bail out fast, use a credit card, and stay at home; there is no need to travel. Most information can be handled over the phone. Validation can be accomplished via email, Fax, or even text. We can also accept a deposit or transfer into one of our bank accounts, wired funds, Zelle, or cash.

Our procedure is simple.

  1. We take your information over the phone.
  2. We send you a 2 page Bail Bond Indemnity Agreement and Credit card Authorization statement that you only need to sign.
  3. You return the signed documents to us along with copies of your credit card and driver’s license.
  4. We run your card and dispatch our agent to the jail to post the bond.

Learn more: Credit Card Bail Bonds

Call Phoenix Bail Bonds for fast bail bonds in Phoenix: (602) 267-9057

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