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Large Bail Bonds Specialist

Large Bail Bonds Specialist

Phoenix Bail Bonds is a Large Bail Bonds Specialist.  We have provided large bond services throughout Central and Northern Arizona for almost 20 years.  Putting together large bonds over $10,000 is not an easy task.  We will do our best to qualify you for whatever size bond you need. Requirements for Large Bail Bonds Arizona […]

What is a Cash Bond?

What is a Cash Bond?

Cash bonds, what are they? A cash bond, or cash only bail bond, is one of the 5 different types of bonds that an Arizona court may issue.  A cash bond is just as it sounds; only cash would be accepted for the bond.  The Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure defines a cash bond as […]

What is Bail

What is Bail? Bail is the amount of money required by a judge or magistrate to obtain a defendant's release from jail.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu2obKFqwP4 Bail is the amount of money required by a judge or magistrate to obtain a defendant’s release from jail. When bail is posted, it acts as a financial guarantee for the defendant’s appearance to each of their hearings. Visit us on YouTube

Stay Out of the Heat – Phoenix Bail Bonds

Stay out of the summer heat with Phoenix Bail Bonds

Stay out of the Heat!  The last thing you want to do is drive to the jail to post bail for a friend. The heat can be unbearable at times and the traffic in downtown Phoenix is worse. Don’t stress out! There is no need to leave the air conditioned comfort of home. Phoenix Bail […]

Post Bail from your Cell Phone

Post Bail from your Cell Phone

Phoenix Bail Bonds can put most bonds together over the phone. That’s right, you don’t have to go to the jail to post bail and you don’t have to interrupt your day’s activities. We believe in the fast and easy approach to bail bonds. Post the entire bail amount and fee by using a credit […]

In a Hurry to Buy Bail Bonds in Phoenix?

In a hurry to buy bail bonds in Phoenix?

Multiple Options to Buy Quick Bail Bonds In a hurry to buy bail bonds? Call Phoenix Bail Bonds, we have multiple options for posting bail quickly. We cater to those who don’t have much time, or are too busy to travel. Our options include: Use a Credit Cards Make a Bank Deposit Wire Funds Zelle […]

Bail Out Fast at the Maricopa County Jail


Stay at home, Use a Credit Card Bail out fast, use a credit card, and stay at home; there is no need to travel. Most information can be handled over the phone. Validation can be accomplished via email, Fax, or even text. We can also accept a deposit or transfer into one of our bank […]

Large Bail Bonds In Phoenix

Large Bail Bonds

LargeBail Bonds Phoenix Bail Bonds is your large bail bonds specialist. We provide fast response and approval for inmates incarcerated at any of the Maricopa County Jails. Provide us with the cash and the required collateral and we will have your bond posted today.  Large bonds in Phoenix are composed of two parts: Collateral for […]

Need Help With A Cash Bond?

Cash bail bond 5-21-23

Get Help with Cash Only Bail Bonds Phoenix Bail Bonds has two decades worth of experience posting cash only bail bonds. There are two ways we can approach a cash bond: You provide us with the full bail amount and we act as your posting agent. Our fees run about 10% of the bond amount […]