Large Bail Bonds


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Phoenix Bail Bonds over $10,000

Working with Phoenix bail bonds greater than $10,000 is really an art. $10,000 bonds usually represent the upper limits of affordability with most people. Generally people neither have the credit card limit available or the cash in their bank to post large bonds quickly; using collateral becomes a necessity. People panic when they feel they must do something but don’t have the financial ability to do it. Phoenix Bail Bonds agents are trained to deal with this stressful situation. We can help guide you by providing direction and offering a series of available alternatives. We can take your panic away.

Occasionally, the posting of a large bond may be out of your family’s financial ability. When this happens, Phoenix Bail Bonds recommends hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney to get your bond reduced. We can analyze your financial resources and provide input and direction to your attorney as to what your target bond amount should be.

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Clients using cash or credit for entire bond

If you are a client that has the ability to post the entire bond (bail and fee) with cash or credit card(s), we can process your bond faster than any other type of bond in Phoenix. Bonds can be charged to any credit card , or funds may be wired or deposited into any one of our major bank accounts; Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, or Bank of the West.

Large bail bonds in Phoenix that are secured and paid by cash or credit card will guarantee an inmate’s fastest release from the Maricopa County Jail. When the case is over and the bond has been exonerated, your funds will be returned via check or deposit to your bank account.

Clients using collateral for entire bond